Portable Folding Exhibition Stands - Brighton Sussex - London Wales

Classica Designs
Fabric covered display panels with aluminium trim

Portable Exhibition Systems

Portable Display Stands -
The text and graphics displayed on your portable stand can be almost anything that you want, but you can't hang heavy objects from the stand. It's meant to be portable and lightweight. We can produce exhibition display graphics from artwork, text or photographs supplied by you or we can originate the entire content of your display. Time reqiured will vary and so will the cost. We can give a ball park price but would need to know precisely what you want to give an accurate price.

Portable Exhibition Stands -
Graphics can be pinned ar held in plave by self adhesive velcro pads. Other custom made systems available

Portable Exhibition Display Stands -
Just throw your ideas at us and we'll come up with suggestions. We're not confined to one or two ways of doing things. We're versatile and adaptable, we should be able to find the best answer and products for your exhibition needs.

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Portable Exhibition Display Stands
Brighton Sussex - London Wales