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The Development Board for Rural Wales
Hay on Wye
Graphics, logos and symbols have been applied in a variety of ways including traditional signwriting and spraying with cellulose enamels through plotter cut stencils. All on aluminium and framed in hardwood or steel.
Your Logo Design means a lot to you
Designing a logo is a process. This is what happens after our initial contact conversations, probably by phone or email. We meet and talk for an hour or so about what you or your company has done and where you want to go. We try and understand your business, what it means to you and your customers, we try and understand the value of your product and services. Then we produce some visuals of a possible logo or symbol, you'd see it on its own and incorporated into a stationery design. You might say, "wow, that's it!" but probably we'd have to go away again and work on some other aspect. More drawings, we'd meet again three days later, this time an informal setting, a few drinks, lots of talk, and we'd understand something previously missed. There would be more visuals of your logo to look at a few days later. This could continue another 3 or 4 times. We've changed the graduation of tones in a logo more than a hundred times with one customer. That may sound extreme but the principle is common. Trying to get your logo right for you and the public can be a bit of a battle between what you want and what we want, and when I say we, I now mean me. I won't have anyone take the michael out of my customer or myself. It's got to be good or it won't be released. Your logo has to work well at all sizes and in all situations.

Said this before, but it's true: We are not cheap but we are excellent value for money, if you're in business you'll understand that important differance.

Logo Designers - Getting it Right
You can have just a logo designed if you want, but we prefer to put it into the context of your stationery and signage. If you use our logo design services, you'll be at least half way to having your entire stationery and print artwork prepared, you'll already have seen designs that relate to vehicle, office or shop signage.

Design & printing of your logo
If you go with us all the way, you'll find that you can get some very good prices on printing, signs, websites or wherever your logo may go

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