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This logo design was produced for Datahealth as part of their company identity, image or ID

Logo Designers

Datahealth are health insurance intermediaries when we created this logo design they were based in Brighton but have now moved to Eastbourne. The logo has been incoporated into their stationery, signage and website, which we also designed as well programming the PHP health insurance price comparison system which we also maintain and update
This nursery and garden company in Wales required a new logo design and company ID as part of their business expansion plans

New Logos & Company Identity - Wales

The Welsh company, Woodfields Nursery, were firmly established in Ystrad Mynach, 20 miles north of Cardiff. Local business was secure but could be expanded upon and new customers could be found both locally and further afield. A new comapny identity ( ID ), image and logo was decided upon that incorporated their existing connections and values and emodied aspirations.

As logo designers we work all over the United Kingdom.
Logo designers for Fine Iron in Brecon, Wales. The logo has been used  within their company identity, image or ID

Company Identity & your Logo

To be honest, we're not in the 50 for a logo design market produced in a few hours, we take longer and put a lot of work into things. This logo for FineIron took 4 days to draw as an outline shape before we started experimenting with colours. 200 minimum to 2000 is a more likely budget. If you say to us that your ceiling is X amount we'll try and work within your budget
Alternative logos designed for Wozon

Logos Symbols Design - Choice of 6

Wozon isn't on line yet, so don't look for it. The enlargement shows 6 similar alternative logos which play around with the face element of the design. Eventually the most sober of the 6 logos was chosen.
Our  designers produced this logo for a corporate image reproduced in the Hay on Wye craft centre signage

Logo Designers Symbol for Hay on Wye

This logo / symbol was designed for the Hay on Wye craft centre built & supported by the Welsh Development Board.
Brighton logo designers incorporate this logo into the shop signage in Hay on Wye

Signage using Logos

The logo or its shape, or colours is reflected in the design of all the signs used in this marketing project.
The designers incorporated the logo into the shape of the signs produced for Hay on Wye craft centre

Symbol / Logo Design used on Hay on Wye Shops

There are 20 small shops and manufacturing units all using the diamond shaped signs reflecting the designers logo
thumbnail picture of a logo design

Logo Design echo the Colour Scheme

The finger signs, posts and caps were designed and produced by us. The colour scheme of the signs reflects the colours used in the logo design. We are quite rare as designers as we produce much of what we design.
thumbnail picture of a symbol design

Company Logo and Symbol Design

This symbol eventually evolved from the shapes displayed below.
thumbnail picture of a symbol design

Logo Symbol Design applied to Stationery

The symbol on your left incorporated into company stationery.
thumbnail picture of a symbol design

Development of a Logo Design

Some of the steps involved in the creation of the dragon symbol above.
thumbnail picture of a symbol design

Logo Symbol Georgian Porch Design

The Wellington Hotel is a moderate Georgian building with one outstanding architectural feature, its door and a porch. It typifies the period and makes an elegant symbol.
thumbnail picture of a symbol design, please click on it for an enlargement, download time will be approximately 5 seconds using an 56k. modem

Logo used in Stationery

The porch symbol utilised on the letterhead.
symbol design

Logo on Business Cards

And in the business cards.
The designers used a heraldic theme to produce this logo

Heraldic Logo Design

A coat of arms was created and used as part of this logo
Designers can produce a logo using a familiar shape such as a map

Logo Design, Symbols & Maps

We do quite a lot of map based work, this map shape of South Wales includes logo and symbol elements for a project to promote tourism in what is known as Cordell Country. Alexander Cordell is an author equal to any, but that's just my opinion.
Our designers produces a logo based on the obvious, sometimes the obvious is the right way to go

Logo - Company Identity

The name of the Cubicle Company somewhat dictated the design of the symbol or logo. Designers decided that you can't always avoid the obvious, just pull it off with some panache. Click on the picture to see the symbol incorporated into a brochure and business card.
The logo design in a different context

Logo - Business id

Click here for an illustration of the logo & business card on its own.. We like it, quite simple, elegant and clean, which is what you'd want from a cubicle company.

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