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Website design for Steve Davies of Innerfocus Photography services of Brighton Sussex

Website Design for Steve Davies of Innerfocus Photography of Brighton

Television cameraman and photographer Steve Davies has gone freelance and established Innerfocus Photography in Brighton.
The website created for InnerFocus photographic services will offer commercial and portrait photography, with a speciality in bar and restaurant images.
Steve will need to generate enquiries and clients quickly, because of this the website design also includes many search engine optimisation techniques. SEO is a critical aspect to the success of any website and is often overlooked in the excitement of getting the website up and running. Without search engine optimisation the website may well look wonderful but will run nowhere. It can't act as a salesman and go out and sell your services, without SEO your website can only be an online brochure.
website designers for Paragon Cabinetmakers

Website Design for - Paragon cabinet makers

This website displays bespoke high quality joinery and cabinetmaking. The site also showcases a small range of standardised products. The site grows as the client's business develops and will eventually offer goods for sale and secure on-line payment facilities.
web site design for Paragon Handmade Furniture

Website Design for - Paragon cabinet makers

The design of this website is a non frames version of the one above. The only difference to you will be that everything moves when you scroll down the page, in the frames version above parts of the page are fixed in place and things seem more organised. However, to search engines and to those seeking to optimize websites to attract search engine results, it's all a bit of a mess. There are ways around the problem, but if you're trying to get visitors or attract customers to your website, it's still considered wise to avoid the use of framed web pages.
website designers for Fine Iron

Web Site Design for - Fine Iron architectural ironworkers

This site uses frames to keep the title and navigation static while only the central content scrolls. The debate continues over whether using this system is deters search engines and loses potential visitors or not. A similar argument involving the use of Flash rages, particularly the aspect of boring surfers to death with the ego trip aspect, resulting in the loss of potential customers who just want information, help or advice attractively presented.
website designers for Datahealth Insurance

Website Designers for - datahealth insurance intermediary

Insurance is a highly competitive field. This company wanted a comparative instant online quote system. We produced a quote engine using MySQL and PHP which is faster and simpler and more comprehensive than any rival system we've seen. It can produce quotes without using cookies which a lot of web surfers turn off. Avoiding the use of Java is also beneficial as many surfers also disable Java. We also designed and produced a new corporate ID, stationery and publicity to match.

Update Search Engine Optmisation Results
Datahealth are now in the first few pages of Google for many highly competitive key phrases and keywords, saving 200 pounds per week, not bad.

Also we are producing an improved website that produces up to 36 online insurance quotations using a combination of PHP and MySQL.
Should be launched in 2 to 3 weeks
website designers for Wizzard Computer Technicians

Website Designers for - Wizzard Computer Technicians

This website is due for our search engine optimisation services. At the moment the website is positioned nowhere. Potential customers looking for computer technicians cannot find this website as it has not been optimised to respond to search queries.
website designers for The Breconshire Brewery

Website Design for - The Breconshire Brewery

Here we are developing an e-commerce site for a brewery and wholesaler. We're using PHP and MySQL and incorporating a stock control system. The website is also intended to attract visitors to the region and in particular pubs owned by the brewery. We've also produced a corporate ID, pump clips all associated publicity and vehicle livery.
Joint website designers  and solo SEO for The Vintage Golf Company

Website Design for - The Vintage Golf

An example of a website that had appalling construction in SEO terms. This will be an interesting story to follow, the original design attracted no search engine activity at all, primarily due to the home page being occupied by a Flash movie leaving no visible ( to search engines ) links at all. This client paid substantial money for no progress, after three months he was precisely nowhere. My bet is that for one third of what he paid we can produce fair results within one month and a website that earns money within 6 months. I am banking on getting the whole site indexed within two weeks.

Place your bets and follow the website development and SEO ( search engine optimisation ) action.

PROGRESS PERORT: 10th April 2005
So far results are promising, we linked to this site at 11pm on the 31st March 2005, Google followed the link and indexed the top 12 pages within 24 hours. ( Check out the date on Googles cached memory page - April 1st 2005 ) 14 pages to go.

PROGRESS PERORT: 26th April 2005
All pages are now indexed By Google, Yahoo is slow to index all pages but quick to display the results if the page has been search engine optimised well enough. Google records the pages fast but holds new websites back for anything up to 3 to 6 months, we think that this is to check the validity of links and other aspects that of website promotion that are considered to be cheating.
However, we are quite happy that Google displays The Vintage Golf Company at 250th spot in a UK only search for the keywords term 'french golfing holidays'.
We are pretty sure it will be on the first page of Google results within 6 months.

PROGRESS PERORT: 30th December 2005
We haven't quite made it to page 1 in Google SERPs, but we've got to 37th. Getting results from search engine optimisation requires patience, determination and some skill but offers a high return on investment ( ROI ) compared with conventional advertising costs.

If you are having a website developed, particularly one that uses Flash, check that your website has text that the robots used by Google and Yahoo can see. This link below will take you to a free to use tool that will give you an idea of how a search engine sees your page. Search engines cannot see images ( only the alt tags ) or text or links in a Flash movie. Flash is for the most part invisible to search engines and although a fantastic programme, must be be used wisely and with restraint to be effective.

test the text value of your website

This is a free service, so don't abuse it and if you think it to be a good service why not offer the developer a donation.
It could save you a lot in the long run.

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